Interdisciplinary Studies as "Chiaroscuro"

Submitted by Sarah Stanley on Wed, 09/10/2014 - 20:04
N. Katherine Hayles’ discussion of hyperreading in “How We Read: Close, Hyper, Machine” describes the new ways that digital literature allows scholars and students to read and interact with texts.¹ This was of particular interest to myself and other members of Ryan Cordell’s course “Texts, Maps, and Networks” (#f14tmn). During the first meeting, many of my peers were interested in how different types of reading impact our relationship to the textual object. As we discussed hypertext and hyper-linking, it was observed that the preponderance of linked data could lead to confusion, loss of focus, or even reduced comprehension. To paraphrase a classmate: all of those links make it hard to get to the conclusion of a piece.